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This is quickly becoming one of my must-have products for a camera ready face ? ClarPinterest V Shaping Facial Lift fights agaPinterestt fat, reduces puffiness, and uplifts facial features with organic and natural plant extracts ? I like to use it in the morning before makeup, quick and easy to get rid of morning puffiness, and at night before bed with a few simple massaging moves. It sculpts and slims my face in all the right places!✌? #ClarPinterestVSFL #LoveMyVFace #年輕V輪廓 #最愛V臉精華#ClarPinterestHK

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It’s not summer without Havaianas ☀️ Visited their pop-up shop at @pacificplacehktoday! It has always been my favorite flip-flop brand ❤️? .@havaianashongkong#havaianashk

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Spoiled ???

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I have always been after glowy, dewy skin, especially when summer hits ✨ I like my complexion to glow from the Pinterestide out without wearing too much makeup and the secret is Tom Ford Soleil Cushion Compact ⭐ A natural, sun kissed glow that lasts all day, delivered in a sleek white and gold case! Can’t resist!! ?#TFSOLEIL #TFCUSHION #TF璀璨長夏 #白氣墊#TOMFORDBEAUTY#TFEYEWEAR@TOMFORDBEAUTY

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Proud to be a 強人!?? thank you for loving our story ??‍⚕️???‍⚕️ . #白色强人 #呂靄寧

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Had so much fun trying out the 5G e-Motorsport powered by @smartonehk, go check it out today or tomorrow! ♥️ .@smartonehk #SmarTonehk#MakeUsSmart#SmarTone5GxFun

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Inner peace is the goal . ? Mom

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Back just in time for the last week of #白色强人 ??‍⚕️

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Coffee run with Dad ?☕️ . ? by him

Los Angeles, California

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Last class with @marjorie_ballentine_studioconcludes my month in LA! ☀️ Taking the past month off to study acting here was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My time has been full of challenges, rewards, and self-discovery. Thank you to my teachers and fellow classmates, I’ve grown so much. SO much more to learn so I’ll brb! ❤️

Mccadden Place Theatre

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大家有無睇《白色強人》呢? ??‍⚕️? 為了打造劇中專業醫護人形象,不只團隊拍攝及 記劇本上要大量功夫,其實於打造呂醫生嘅造型上,我都有特別花心機 ? 記得上年拍攝於夏天,天氣非常炎熱,每次化妝品set 頭都要用大量造型產品來維持髮型。 但汗+油混合造型產品,半日就會令頭髮變得好黏笠?, 為咗保持前額瀏海清爽而簡約嘅造型,我每晚都會用世界髮型師推薦嘅 TRSEemme 幫手 ? 我選擇特別適合油性髮質使用嘅 *深層清潔系列*, 當中的維他命C深層清潔洗髮露,能夠去除頭髮的雜質及造型產品的殘留物,而且仲係無矽(Silicone) 配方 清爽無負擔 ? 洗髮後, 再使用維他命原B5蘆薈滋潤護髮素深層滋潤頭髮,還原自然順滑秀髮。?????? 最推薦TRSEemme產品零添加矽、PARABENS 防腐劑和著色劑,溫和配方 其實唔止適合要經常用大量造型產品嘅我,任何髮質的朋友都可每日使用?? 响屋企都能夠打造 Salon 級秀髮喇 ❤ 對於保養頭髮, 呂醫生絕不偷懶, 大家都要勤力啊??,洗頭水記緊要加埋護髮素一拼使用先可以全面保護秀髮! P.S: 大家可以响 7月5至 7月11日內,於各大零售商,以優惠$78.9 選購任何TRESemme洗護套裝(洗髮露及護髮素各一支),即係每支$39.5 咋?! #TRESemmeHK #維他命C深層清潔洗髮露 #維他命原B5蘆薈滋潤護髮素 #白色強人 #呂靄寧

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Happy when fed ? A carbohydrate dream at Disneyland ??? . Yes it’s my second time here in 2 weeks…

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One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was to get my eyebrows and eyeliner done at @browbrow.hk ❤ it has halved the time I spend putting on makeup (I’ve always had trouble filling in my brows, it’s so hard getting them to be symmetrical!) and I can be lazy and still look put-together on a makeup free day! Best of all, I can enjoy any physical activity without having to worry about my brows being on point and my eyes looking sharp ??✨ And big thank you to Hebe who found the perfect brow and eyeliner shape and that suits my face! I’m so happy with what you’ve done for me ?@browbrow.hk #eyebrowstattoo#素顔眉 #tattooeyeliners #美瞳線 #隱形內眼線 #飄眉#browbrowbeautyplace#browbrow #星級纹繡師hebe #半永久#semipermanenteyebrows#semipermanenteyeliners

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Pretending to be muggles ??‍♀️ .#butterbeer #matchingshoes

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Oversized denim to hide my growing food baby ????????

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That was delicious and I’m happy ??

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Bandidos on Melrose ??‍♂️ high on Mexican Chocolate cold brew ??

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Living my best life in my Obi-Wan robe ?

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